Project Name

Christmas Stockings for the Holidays



Christmas Stockings for disadvantaged children.  The pack volunteers make the stockings, the Dens’ decorate the stockings, and the cub and parent fill the stocking with items appropriate for the child’s age.  The Pack donates the stockings to a children’s or family charitable organization during the Christmas Season.  In the past, the Pack has donated to Toy & Joy Makers -Tualatin Valley Fire Dept., & a family shelter for battered women in Northwest Portland.  The Pack also contributes at least $5 to each cub scout to help with the cost to fill the stocking.

Contacts (for 2002)



  • Determine  the “donate to” charity in the Summer prior to the Pack / School year.  Make suggestions to the pack committee and bring it to a vote.
  • Purchase 6 yards of 72inch felt.  Pack to reimburse.
    • Buy @ JoAnn’s Fabric on Walker Rd.. 
  • Choose decorative thread (like metallic gold).  Pack to reimburse.
  • Make the stockings with other pack volunteer(s) that have access to a sewing machine.
    • Trace the stockings to the felt.  The Stocking template will be attached to this activities web page.
    • Cut out the stockings, roughly (cut outside the line by ˝ to  1 inch).  Apply the two wrong sides together (marked sides on the outside). 
    • Then sew along the outside of the stockings template line. 
    • Cut off the excess using sewing scissors; be careful not to cut the stitching. 
  • Assure the Treasure is prepared to distribute $5 for each cub scout to the Den Leaders during the November Pack Committee meeting.
  • Make the Christmas Stocking announcement and distribute the stockings during the November Pack Meeting. 
    • Ask the Pack Dens’ to decorate the stockings and fill them for the December Pack meeting.
  • Collect and donate the stockings to the charitable organization during the December Pack meeting.


  • Summer prior to Pack year – Determine the Charity
  • September – Select volunteers to sew the stockings.
  • November – Procure $5 for each Cub Scout from the Pack Treasurer during the Nov. Committee Meeting.
  • November – Confirm charity and presentation of the stockings to the charity at December’s Pack meeting
  • November – Announce activity to the Pack and distribute stockings to each den leader.
  • December – Collect and present stockings to the charitable organization during the Dec. Pack Meeting.