Project Name

Goodwill Good Turn Day


(Source:  Columbia Pacific Council Program Planning Calendar,

Page 12 of 15).

A very special project for supporting Goodwill Industries.  The Pack will pick up bags at February roundtables and deliver them door to door in assigned neighborhoods.  The bags are picked up by the same den the first Saturday in March and delivered to various drop off locations in each district.  Gathered goods support Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette.  Youth earn a segment for participation.  This is the largest drive of its kind in the nation.

Contacts (for 2003)

Susan Robless @ Goodwill Industries, Ph#: (503) 844-1583

Sandy Woods, Cascade Pacific Council Coordinator, Ph# (503) 225 - 5761


  • Attend February Roundtable and pick up the bags.
    • Get to know the council coordinator, and get his/her phone number to clarify future questions.
    • Pack/Den will be assigned an area (see map)
    • Pick up:  1.  Bags, 2.  The “Scout Script”, 3. The Goodwill Scout Roster
  • Distribute bags and location maps to Den Leaders and scouts parents during the February Pack Meeting. 
    • Ask Den Leaders to distribute the bags the Saturday before the scheduled pick up date. This can be scheduled by den or by the pack for the last Saturday of February.


  • 3rd Thurs. of February Attend Round table Meeting.  Pick up Bags, and assigned area maps.
  • 4th Wed of February Pack Meeting Announcement
  • Last Saturday of February Pack distributes bags.
  • First Saturday of March Pack picks up bags.
  • Make sure the Goodwill Roster is completely filled out.  Make sure you have a complete scout count and you have the total number of bags collected for the Pack.
  • Send an email to the pack:  noting scouts and bags collected.